Watch For These Unwanted Surprises On Your Credit Report

If you scan your credit report annually, like financial experts recommend, you’re probably familiar with much of the information listed: name, address, social security number, existing debts and credit applications. If you look closely, however, you may find some surprising information that can have a negative impact on your score. Make ... More

Mortgage Loans 101: Understanding Your ‘PMI’ Payment

There are plenty of fees and monthly payments to contend with when you’re purchasing a home. One common fee you may have heard of is Private Mortgage Insurance, commonly called PMI. When taking out a conventional mortgage loan and making a down payment of less than 20 percent of your new home’s purchase price, you will be required to ... More

Three Important Reasons To Just Say ‘Yes’ To A Home Inspection

Buying a home is a costly endeavor, and many a prospective buyer will look for opportunities to save a few dollars throughout the process. Skipping the optional home inspection, however, could have negative consequences that far outweigh several hundred dollars in savings. Although it’s not required by law, here are three reasons to insist ... More

Negotiation Tactics For Landing That Dream Home

The most intimidating part of the home purchase process may be negotiating the sale price with the seller or the seller’s agent. If you’re working with a real estate agent, they will likely do quite a bit of the “dirty work” of negotiation. Still, it’s wise to understand negotiation tactics to ensure you’re getting the best deal ... More

Plan Ahead To Get Approved For A Mortgage Loan

Even if a home purchase isn’t in your immediate future, it pays to start thinking about what it takes to get approved for a mortgage. If you know you’d like to become a homeowner in the future, the following tips will help you avoid bumps in the road when you’re ready to take the plunge: Limit credit card debt In this day and age, ... More

Dispelling The Myth: Why You Should NOT Pay Your Mortgage Off Early

For many Americans, owning a home outright is still an important milestone in their personal financial journey. That’s why so many homeowners work to pay their mortgage loans off early. While a home is certainly a valuable financial asset, however, some experts believe paying a mortgage off early will hurt a consumer’s long-term financial ... More

Meet With Multiple Mortgage Lenders Before Deciding On A Loan

Navigating the process of buying a home can be confusing, especially for first-time buyers. That’s why so many consumers go straight to a familiar lender, like their local bank, for a mortgage loan. Although that can simplify the process, it will rarely yield the best loan option. For optimal results, consumers should go “mortgage ... More

Sell Your Home Faster By Investing in These Popular Features

If you’re considering selling your home, it’s helpful to understand what buyers are looking for in today’s real estate market. Research from real estate website Zillow suggests that five key features can help you offload your home a full 30 days faster than average. Zillow researchers studied more than two million homes sold in 2016, ... More

For Sale By Owner: Three Purchasing Tips

There are myriad benefits to listing a home through a real estate agent, but many sellers prefer to go it alone rather than pay a realtor’s fees. With this type of “For Sale by Owner” transaction, sellers will lack the marketing resources of a professional realtor, but they are likely to save money in the process. Although it may feel ... More

Three Sneaky Secrets of Credit Card Companies

A recent study by NerdWallet revealed that the average American has about $16,000 in credit card debt. Though many try desperately to climb out of the debt hole, a large percentage are continually sucked back in. While some responsibility must be taken for personal spending decisions, credit card company policies are also holding many people ... More