Insurance Companies Predicting Your Death

It is not a simple question to ask customers when they think they will die. Life insurance companies must take it upon themselves to determine when a potential customer will perish before they will invest. Companies compile large amounts of data in order to separate the healthy from the risky. This includes things like driving records, ... More

Watch Out For Unlicensed Insurance Sales People

Aviva Canada is warning potential insurance customers about possible frauds. Scammers in Canada are acting as insurance sales people and taking money without giving people coverage. Customers should be aware of who they are buying insurance from, and must make sure that he or she has a license. Image by Aviva West via Wikimedia Commons... More

Mortgage Applications Rise 10%

MBA Applications have jumped 10% after falling 3% the week before. This could indicate that the selling season is beginning after a late start. Image by Andrew Jameson via Wikimedia Commons. Continue to original source More

Why there’s risk in a boring stock market

In recent weeks the stock market has been inching higher in an orderly and contained way. The listless environment has left active-trader clients sitting and waiting for something to respond to. Low volatility has been often reflected as a calm before a storm. There is unease among traders because they don't know what to fear. Image ... More

Housing Slump in China Dragging Down Economic Growth

Lending and sales curbs imposed by the government in China has significantly slowed down the real estate market. Realestate agents, who were extremely busy just 6 months ago, are no longer making sales. "There are no buyers," said Feng, 24. "We take three days off a week. We go out for barbecue and play poker." Some analysts fear that ... More

Student Loan Bill Blocked By Senate

The Senate Republicans have blocked legislation toward student loan forgiveness. The legislation would have allowed students to refinance their loans at lower rates to give them some debt relief. There was a 56-30 vote on the legislation. Image by Tulane Public Relations via Wikimedia Commons. Continue to original source More

Downtown Homes Increasingly Expensive

Homes in and around cities are very attractive; especially to those who work in the city. The commute is shorter, and it puts one closer to the culture of the city. The cost of land in cities has increased by 20.5%, making homes extremely difficult to afford. Image by Kinkisharyo via Wikimedia Commons. Continue to original source More

The World Bank Drops Global Growth Forecast

After the economy "got off to a bumpy start," the World Bank has cut its global growth forecast. The United States forecast has been dropped from 2.8% to 2.1% while 2015 remains unchanged. The World Bank does believe, however, that "growth is expected to pick up speed as the year progresses." Image by Victorgrigas via Wikimedia ... More

Low Credit Score May Cause Car Insurance To Rise

Drivers may be paying higher auto insurance premiums based on their credit scores. A study by finds that there is a 65% difference in insurance costs between those with high credit scores and those with low credit scores. State law in California, Hawaii, and Massachusetts outlaws insurance providers from using credit score ... More

First U.S. Marijuana Bank Proposed

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper signed legislation proposing to create a financial bank for the newly legal marijuana business in the state. Banks do not currently work with marijuana businesses, as the drug is stilled banned by federal law. The new legislation would put in place checking systems so that marijuana businesses do not ... More