Choosing Between Direct Lending and Dealership Financing For Your Auto Loan

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission reports that average prices for a car purchase are now topping more than $31,000 for a new model vehicle and more than $17,000 for a used model. With a majority of American consumers unable to pay cash for a vehicle purchase, most buyers must take out an auto loan to cover at least part of the purchase price. ... More

Should You Carry Gap Insurance On Your Vehicle?

Whether you’re leasing a new car or you took out an auto loan to purchase a vehicle, you may be offered a gap insurance policy. Also called loan-lease pay-off coverage, a gap policy covers the difference between the cash value of your vehicle and the outstanding balance on your loan or lease in the case of a collision or natural disaster ... More

Auto Loans: Direct Lending vs. Dealership Financing

According to the Federal Trade Commission, average prices for a car purchase are more than $31,000 for a new model and $17,000 for a used model. Since a majority of consumers can’t afford to pay cash, most buyers end up with an auto loan to cover at least part of the purchase price. In this case, consumers will typically have two financing ... More

Auto Loan Delinquencies are On the Rise

Auto loan delinquency rates are reaching staggering levels, leading some industry experts to compare the current numbers to 2008’s disastrous housing bubble. The rise in recent years of a booming subprime auto lending market has meant millions of consumers with poor credit scores – typically 640 or below – are able to secure loans. ... More

What’s the Deal with Online Auto Loans?

When you walk into a dealership and see the car of your dreams, it’s easy to get swept up in the purchasing process. When this happens, though, consumers often fall into the trap of trusting that the dealership is offering the best financing available. Just like a car, an auto loan is another product the dealer is selling, and the Consumer ... More

Car Loan Mistakes That Will Cost You

For many people, purchasing a car is an emotional decision, while smart financial decision-making takes a back seat to instant gratification. With dealerships eager to sell, nearly any car on the lot can be yours under the right loan terms. Unfortunately, this leads to millions of poor financing decisions each year, costing consumers thousa... More

New Auto Group to Help Prevent Cyberattacks

A new group has been formed by The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and Association of Global Automakers to help prevent cyberattacks on cars and trucks. Alliance President CEO Mitch Bainwol said, “Network security must be incorporated from design to roadway, and our auto companies are exploring the best ways to enhance cyber ... More

Real Estate Agents Are Jumping Ship and Becoming Free Agents

More and more real estate agents are switching brokerage firms to pursue better deals and commissions. “There’s not a lot of brand loyalty,” said Billy Rose, an agent and co-founder of the Agency in Beverly Hills, CA. “A lot of times they become mercenaries." The Agency is a firm that attracts many real estate agents because of ... More

Wells Fargo Adding More Car Loan Branches Nationwide

Wells Fargo revealed to Reuters on Tuesday that it has begun creating more branches devoted to car loans and financing for auto dealers as a way to increase its auto lending business in a relatively low-risk environment. According to the news source, Wells Fargo currently operates 56 branches for car and dealer financing, with the most ... More

New Report Shows Auto Insurance is More Affordable for Teens on Parents’ Plans

A new study conducted by found that 18-year-olds pay an average of 18 percent more for car insurance when they sign up for individual plans than they do when they remain on their parents’ policies. The report, which was just published earlier this week, also noted in some states, like Pennsylvania, that number rockets ... More