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What You Should Know About Real Estate Investments

Your home represents a large portion of your overall wealth. But it might not be your best investment. However, it can still play an important role in your portfolio. Real estate investments have low correlations to other investments, like stocks and bonds. That lack of correlation could signify stability in your portfolio... More

Home Buyers Turn to Independent Mortgage Companies for Loans Over Banks

Home buyers are now tending to choose independent mortgage companies for home loans over banks. According to the Federal Reserve, in 2014, independent mortgage companies were responsible for 47 percent of completed home-purchase loans and 42 percent of refinance loans. Some non-bank lenders include Wells Fargo and Quicken ... More

How to Shop For Your First Home

At some point, many of us grow up and decide we want to buy a house. But not everyone knows the steps they should take for the process to go smoothly. The first thing you should do is take stock of your finances. Buying a house is an investment, and you're going to be writing a few checks. Make sure your credit score is up ... More

Real Estate Industry Sees New Trends

A new survey from Realtor.com reveals three hot new real estate trends: inviting, rustic and beachside charm. These trends are based on people's preferences and what they want in a house. Inviting spaces offer an open atmosphere with lots of seating and a huge kitchen for guests to gather in. Rustic spaces incorporate ... More

Virtual Reality Tech Is On The Rise For Real Estate

The future of real estate could be in virtual reality. The trend is picking up in bigger cities and has now reached Tampa. Previously used for video games, real estate is getting the same treatment, making it easier for home buyers to search and tour houses from the comfort of their own home. “I think it helps you a lot, ... More

How to Create a Strong Business Credit Profile

Besides personal credit scores, small business owners need to make sure they have a good business credit profile. "There’s a gap between what consumers understand about personal credit and what business owners understand about business credit," says Brian Ward, a senior director at Experian. Having good credit will ... More

Switch to Chip Technology Leaves Credit Cards Vulnerable to Thieves

With all the confusion and delays over the switch to chip credit and debit cards, identity thieves are pouncing on the opportunity. Many have not yet received their new secure cards, and with so much news coverage, people are waiting anxiously for their new cards to arrive. "This creates a golden opportunity for identity ... More

Homebuyers Hit Record High for Credit Scores

Those getting loans to purchase homes are getting record high credit scores, resulting in what could be the best loan performance in history. According to Black Knight Financial Services, purchase mortgage originations were up 15 percent in the second quarter from a year ago. Mortgage-dependent borrowers are on the rise, ... More

Is Your Love Life Affecting Your Credit Score?

New research from the Federal Reserve Board reveals that your credit score may help you predict how successful in love you will be. One of the findings was that the higher your credit score, the more likely you are to commit to a long-term relationship. Looking to settle down soon? You might want to find out their credit ... More

Morgan Stanley Is Back in Real Estate

Morgan Stanley is making a recovery in real estate, after a devastating downturn. The New York Investment firm raised $1.7 billion for its first higher-risk real estate fund since 2007. Investors include CIC and Australia's sovereign-wealth fund. Commercial real-estate values are hitting record levels. Deal activity is also ... More