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Downtown Homes Increasingly Expensive

Homes in and around cities are very attractive; especially to those who work in the city. The commute is shorter, and it puts one closer to the culture of the city. The cost of land in cities has increased by 20.5%, making homes extremely difficult to afford. Image by Kinkisharyo via Wikimedia Commons. Continue to original source More

Bank of America To Settle Probes

The second-largest bank in the United States may find itself paying over $12 billion to settle government probes. Bank of America Corp faces probes over shoddy mortgages prior to the financial crisis. It is reported that at least $5 billion of the $12 billion settlement would go toward consumer relief. Neither Bank of America or the ... More

San Francisco Is Most Expensive City In U.S. For Home Buyers

According to a report released by HSH, San Francisco is the most expensive city in the United States for home buyers. San Francisco homes have a median home price of $679,000 with median monthly payments of $3,199.69. The report calculates that a person would need to make at least $137,129.55 per year to live in San Francisco. Second on ... More

Household Debt Continues Increase

According to a survey done by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, American household debt has increased for the third straight quarter. The report on household debt and credit revealed that mortgages have dropped to the lowest level since last year. Image by Beyond My Ken via Wikimedia Commons. Continue to original source More