The Mortgage Mistake You Shouldn’t Make

If you're looking to buy a house in 2016, keep in mind that the loan amount you qualify for may be different than what you can afford. People saying buying is cheaper than rent, but that's not always the case. People tend to buy bigger homes than they would buy apartments. Also, your mortgage payment won't be your only expense. ... More

Mortgage Rates Continue to Fall

Recent data shows that mortgage rates are continuing to lower. The volatility in financial markets is making investors wary of stocks. They are instead turning to bonds, which is lowering home loan rates. The rates were not affected by the Federal Reserve's decision to keep its benchmark rate the same. Image via Flickr/401(K) ... More

Reverse Mortgages Can Now Be a Useful Source of Cash for Retirement

Reverse mortgages have long been thought as a last resort source of cash for retirees. But the stigma is starting to lessen. With new rules for these loans, experts have now endorsed them. “There’s a totally different way of thinking about these now,” says John Salter, a professor of personal financial planning at Texas Tech ... More

Banks Are Backing Away From Mortgages

Big banks are starting to back away from mortgages and are lending less. The trend is following the rise in lenders like Quicken Loans which has been taking up market shares of mortgages in recent years. "The mortgage market is coming off the highs it realized in 2012," said Erik Oja, S&P Capital IQ banking analyst. "A lot of it ... More

Homeowners Could Benefit From Mortgage Refinancing

With mortgage rates so low, homeowners are looking at wide benefits from refinancing. According to a new report from Black Knight Financial Services, more than 5 million could qualify and benefit from refinancing their mortgage. Rates are now below 4 percent, and those who refinance could save $200 or more on their monthly ... More

Mortgage Lenders to Ease Up on Home Loans in New Year

Those looking for a home mortgage may have some luck in the upcoming year. According to Fannie Mae, lenders are expected to ease up on credit standards in the future, making getting a home more affordable. "These current practices and expectations toward easing among lenders compares to a historically relatively tight mortgage ... More

How the Fed Rate Increase Will Affect Mortgage Borrowers

This week, the Federal Reserve is expected to raise its benchmark rate, but it does not necessarily mean home buyers should panic. The benchmark rate hasn't been increased in a decade, making it difficult to predict how the market will react. “You’ll clearly have some reaction in the market, even though [the rate increase is] ... More

How to Avoid Private Mortgage Insurance

Taking out private mortgage insurance will increase your monthly mortgage payment. So how can you avoid it or get rid of it? One way is to take out a second mortgage. "It's not always a good idea," said Casey Fleming, a mortgage adviser for C2 Financial Corp. and author of "The Loan Guide." "If you use two loans, you will avoid ... More

Prepayment Penalties Demystified

Perhaps you received an inheritance and want to pay off your mortgage. Or maybe you cleaned up your credit and want to refinance a not-so-favorable loan. These sound like easy adjustments, right? Well, that depends. Prepaying your loan could cost a good deal of money if you have a prepayment penalty in your contract. Though it seems ... More

Do You Qualify for the Making Home Affordable Program?

By Kat DeLong Are your monthly mortgage payments increasing due to an unconventional loan? Is a job loss or frequent medical bills making it impossible for you to pay your mortgage every month? If so, the first step is to take a deep breath and find out if you qualify for relief with the government's Making Home Affordable Program. As ... More