Fannie Mae Will Begin Using ‘Trended Data’ to Analyze Consumers’ Credit History

On September 26, 2016, Fannie Mae began processing “trended data” in order to gain a deeper understanding of consumer credit history. While this practice has been commonplace among credit card companies for some time, it marks the first time this technique has been widely employed in the mortgage industry. Trended data provides a ... More

Mortgage Pilot Program Expands Loan Accessibility for Diverse Communities

Two nationwide mortgage banks, New American Funding and Alterra Home Loans, have partnered with Freddie Mac to create a pilot program designed to offer easier access to home loans for a growing and diverse population of prospective American homeowners. The program, called Your Path, uses Freddie Mac’s low down payment Home Possible ... More

Born in the 1970s? You Belong To The ‘Foreclosure Generation’

A new term has been coined by real estate consultant John Burns in a report published on LinkedIn on September 9. In his study of home ownership rates over the past several decades, Burns identifies those born in the 1970s as showing the biggest shift in home ownership, referring to them as the “Foreclosure Generation.” As Burns ... More

Rent-To-Own Is Becoming A Popular Path To Home Ownership

Over the past decade, new mortgage loan regulations have made it increasingly hard for potential buyers to qualify for home loans. While Congress has attempted to counter with government-backed loans with looser regulations, the market has also produced a growing alternative for those who wish to buy a home but can’t qualify for a convent... More

New Study Reveals Surge in Latino Home Ownership

Overall levels of home ownership declined in 2015 for the twelfth consecutive year, while the number of renters continued to grow by leaps and bounds nationwide. However, a new report from the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP) and the Hispanic Wealth Project shows that home ownership among the Latino popula... More

Security Flaw in Chip Credit Cards Puts Consumers’ Credit At Risk

The recent proliferation of EMV credit cards – which stands for Europay, Mastercard and Visa – has long been touted as a safer option for consumers. However, new research has revealed a security flaw in these “chip” credit cards, which may put consumers at risk. The chip-based card system was initially implemented as a way to ... More

Mortgage Rates Inch Up For Third Straight Week

Mortgage rates continued to rise incrementally through late July, and August rates appear to be following suit. The Federal Reserve left its benchmark rate static at its July policy meeting, but many experts predict a rate hike in the next several months due to upbeat assessments of the U.S. economy even after Brexit. Though interest rates ... More

New Study Shows Double-Digit Gender Gap In Home Values

A new study from RealtyTrac has revealed a double-digit disparity in the home values of single men versus those of single women, not unlike the wage gap seen in the American workplace. RealtyTrac’s report shows that single men own homes worth a full ten percent more, on average, than the homes of their single female counterparts. While ... More

Student Loan Debt Remains a Home Ownership Hurdle For Millennials

Student loan debt has grown rapidly nationwide over the past decade, and continues to trend upward for recent college graduates. At a recent industry meeting for realty professionals, U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro addressed the issue as one of the biggest hurdles millennials must overcome if they ... More

Mortgage Rates Fall Slightly as July Begins

Although mortgage rates change daily, the beginning of July saw an overall downward trend for interest rates, making it an excellent time to purchase or refinance a home. This comes after the beginning of summer showed a slight raise in market rates across the board for buyers. As of July 1, the average rate on 30-year fixed mortgages ... More